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Why You Should Choose and Learn Linux Operating System

Why Choosing and Learning Linux OS

Linux Operating System
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Linux is a UNIX-like working framework which is open-source and freely available for
download. Compared to Windows operating system Linux is more secure, stable, reliable, multi-user capable and compatible with both server and desktop usage. This makes it one of the most popular operating system next to Windows.

Why Linux:-

As an ethical hacker, it is most essential to have a sound understanding of the Linux
platform, its usage, and commands. Linux is widely recognized as the “hacker’s operating system” and if you are wondering why the reasons are below:

  • Since it is a freeware, very secure and stable working framework, mostly servers on the Internet keeps running on Linux.
  • Linux is built on command user interface (CUI) and consequently offers more noteworthy control and customization alternatives for programmers and Hackers.
  • A portion of the best hacking contents and projects are composed just for Linux.

Windows Vs Linux

It is no doubt that Windows is the most popular desktop operating system known for its user friendliness and graphical user interface. As a result, most computer users across the world are familiar with the Windows operating system but are new to Linux. If you are fairly new to Linux and are wondering what’s the difference between Windows and Linux, here is a quick comparison between the two:

 Comparison between Windows and Linux

                        Windows                       Linux
Known for its user friendliness and ease of use. Known for its security, stability, flexibility, and portability.
Widely used for desktop usage by home and office
Widely used for server usage by enterprise and corporations.
The operating system is mainly based on graphical
user interface (GUI).
The operating system is mainly based on command user
interface (CUI).
Designed to operate with only one user at a time. Designed to support simultaneous multi-user operation.
More than 70,000 viruses are reported for Windows
till date.
Only around 80-100 viruses are reported for Linux till date
and hence more secure.
Since it is based on GUI it is easy for users to learn
and operate.
Since it is based on CUI it is somewhat difficult for users to
learn and operate.
Comes as a commercial product and hence available
only on purchase.
Comes as an open-source and hence freely available.
Examples of Windows based OS include Windows
2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
Examples of Linux based OS include Ubuntu, Fedora, Red
Hat, Debian, CentOS etc.

Choosing A Linux Distribution:-

A Linux distribution is a collection of software and applications compiled around the
Linux kernel (central component of the operating system). You can choose from a wide variety of Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora or Debian where each of them contain their own collection of software and applications but shares a common Linux kernel. As a beginner you can choose Ubuntu as it easy to install and user-friendly. You can find the download link and installation guide from the official Ubuntu website for which the link is mentioned below:

Official Ubuntu Website:

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