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Udemy-Learn VirtualBox: Step by Step (Install 5 Operating Systems)[Best Seller]

Learn VirtualBox: Step by Step (Install 5 Operating Systems)
Learn VirtualBox: Step by Step (Install 5 Operating Systems)


  • Students will need a computer running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or Solaris
  • A basic understanding of software and operating system installations

Course Description:-

Hello and Welcome to the Learn VirtualBox: Step by Step(install 5 Operating System) Course.In this course, You are going to learn Everything you need to know about VirtualBox, with step by step instructions. Install 5 different operating systems.

What is Oracle VM Virtual Box?

Oracle VM VirtualBox is a program for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris, which enables you to install alternative operating systems within your current (host) operating system.

So, in this course, you will learn how you can run Linux operating system side by side with other operating systems, Including BSD, Solaris, and Windows.

Inside the course you’ll figure out how to:

  • Download and install VirtualBox (it’s 100% FREE)
  • Make virtual machines to run other operating System inside your present OS
  • Unlock guest additions that add even more powerful features to your VMs
  • Share documents between your host and guest OS
  • Use mouse integration for seem less work between host and guest OS

I’ll walk you through 5 complete operating system installations.Each OS will be thoroughly treated, from virtual machine creation to installation, guest additions, and more! The following guest operating systems will be covered in the course:

  • Windows XP Pro
  • Ubuntu Desktop
  • CentOS 7
  • FreeBSD
  • OpenSUSE

Get started today with Oracle VM Virtualbox, and start playing with new operating systems, learning how they function BEFORE you perform a local installation!

Virtualization is a great way to familiarize yourself with new operating systems.

You can learn valuable skills, including server administration and networking, all within a safe, virtual environment.

There’s no need to worry about breaking anything within a virtual machine! You can always choose to start over in VirtualBox. It’s safe. and effective way to learn just about anything. Plus, the software is free forever. So, you never need to worry about licensing or other fees.

What Will You Learn?

  • Operate VirtualBox like a pro
  • Install a variety of operating systems (BSD, Linux, Windows)
  • Utilize guest additions for advanced VirtualBox functionality
  • Choose between basic virtual machine options
  • Share files between host and guest operating systems

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Course Info:-

From: Udemy | By: Cody Ray Miller | Duration: 2.5 hours

Video Quality: MP4 | File Size: 693MB

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