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Udemy-Learn Social Engineering From Scratch

Learn Social Engineering From Scratch For Free

Learn Social Engineering From Scratch


  • Basic knowledge of computers

Course Description:-

In this course, you are going to learn how to hack into the secure computer system using social engineering exactly the same way Black Hat hackers do.And I’m also going to teach you how to secure your system from these attacks.

First, We start some terminology then I’m going to teach you how to install Kali Linux, Windows and other operating System inside your current operating system and isolated virtual environment this will allow you to practice hacking safely without affecting your main machine.

Then I’m going to teach you some Linux basics to prepare you for penetration testing section.These sections are highly practical but don’t neglect the theory.

We start with Information Gathering which is the most important steps when it comes to social engineering.In this section, you are going to learn how to gather important information about your target whether it’s a website, company or person.You also learn how to display all of this information to the graph so that we can analyze it and come up with attractive strategy.

Then We will move to next section in this course where you’ll learn to Generate Evil Files that allow you to hack into the target whether it uses Windows, OS X, Linux or Android.

Then we start with Enhancing Evil Files where you’ll learn how to bypass antivirus programs and make these files function and look just like any other type of files like an image, pdf or Microsoft office document.

Once we have our trojan ready we will move to the Delivery Methods section where you will learn social engineering techniques to get your target to do what you want them to do.We are going to do that using fake updates, fake emails,  fake login pages, fake websites and much more.

Once you get to access your target computer we are going to move Post Exploitation Section.In this section, you are going to learn how to control that computer.You’ll learn how to access the file system so that you can read, download, upload, remove files and you’ll also learn how to access computer components which are the camera, the mic, keyboard and record key strokes.You will learn how to use hacked computer to hack into other computer and much more.

At the End of this course, you will learn how to secure yourself and your systems from these attacks. And each of these sections you are gonna understands the whole mechanism of the attack so you are able to modify different scenarios and different operating system.

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Course Info:-

From: Udemy
By: Zaid Sabih | Duration: 12 hours
Video Quality: MP4

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