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Udemy-From 0 to 1: Raspberry Pi and the Internet of Things [Best Seller]

From 0 to 1: Raspberry Pi and the Internet of Things
From 0 to 1: Raspberry Pi and the Internet of Things


  • No real prerequisites. Beginner level understanding of electric circuits and programming might help but it is not mandatory
  • If you intend to do the physical computing projects, go ahead and purchase a Raspberry Pi – but the course does give you advice on things you might need to get for your automation projects so you can wait to decide as well.

Course Description:-

Hello and Welcome to  From 0 to 1: Raspberry Pi and the Internet of things course.In this course, you are going to learn, how to use the Raspberry Pi to do some home automation and understand the internet of things.

This is a course is for everybody. You require not be an electrical specialist or an architect by any stretch of the imagination. We clarify all designing or mechanization ideas from total scratch.

This is an Internet-of-Things course, not just a Raspberry Pi course. This is imperative since we think excessively numerous courses wind up getting to be noticeably similar to manuals for the Raspberry Pi, or the Arduino, or some particular equipment gadget. This course is mindful so as, to sum up

The course takes you to a strong middle of the road level. The goal is to get you to a point where on the off chance that you envision a truly cool IoT application, you will have the capacity to autonomously make sense of how to execute it.

We concentrate on Home Automation utilizing Raspberry Pi for our utilization cases. This is so you can quickly put it to use around the home (turn that music down without getting off the sofa!)

Similarly, as with every one of our courses, this one too is particular. The illustrations are disrespectful. Heaps of little touches: redundancy, zooming out so we recall the master plan, dynamic learning with a lot of tests. There’s additionally a perky soundtrack, and workmanship – all appeared by concentrates to enhance discernment and review.

What’s Covered:-

Internet of Things: Sensors, Actuators, Microcontrollers, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Physical Computing, Smart homes

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Components, System on a Chip (SOC), Input Output Interfaces, SD Card / Secondary Storage, Choice of Operating Systems, RISC/CISC Architectures, x86 vs ARM, Raspbian OS installation, Raspbian tour, Linux Shell commands overview, Installing software, Connecting to the Internet

Physical Computing: Sensors (Photoresistors, Ultrasonic sensors, motion sensors, temperature and humidity sensors), Relays, LEDs, Push buttons, Basics of circuit design, Ohm’s law, RC circuit, GPIO pins, Serial and Parallel interfaces, UART, SPI, I2C, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Python (RPi DOT GPIO), WiringPi, Node js (RPi-GPIO)

Home Automation projects: Measuring Distance, Measuring Light Intensity, Controlling switches with sensors, Controlling switches over local and external networks 

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand what the internet of things and physical computing are
  • Know their way around a Raspberry Pi
  • Use the Raspberry Pi in Home Automation projects
  • Think of different IoT applications and visualize the components needed to build them
  • Do cool things like control switches in their home with their smartphone

Content Source:-

Course Info:-

From: Udemy | By: Loony Corn | Duration: 7 hours

Video Quality: MP4 | File Size: 2.75GB

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