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How To Install KDE Desktop Environment in Kali Linux Operating System

Install KDE Desktop Environment in Kali Linux Operating System

Install KDE Desktop Environment in Kali Linux Operating System

KDE stands for k Desktop Environment or Kool Desktop Environment.KDE is a desktop environment for Linux based Operating System.Using KDE you can use Linux Operating System Easily as they use Windows.KDE provides you a GUI(Graphical User Interface) based Environment to choose their own customized desktop environment.Another popular environment same as KDE is GNOME.

KDE comes with Konqueror browser it can be used as the browser to browse the web.Also, KDE comes with Koffice similar to the Microsoft office.Koffice includes Kword, Kpresenter, Kcalc, and Kontact.

Follow Bellow steps to Install KDE Desktop Environment in Your Kali Linux Machine

#1 Step

First of all, Open your Kali Linux Operating System and then Open up the terminal and in the terminal type this command.

apt-get install kde-plasma -desktop

Then Press Enter

#2 Step

And you’re gonna be prompted to confirm the installation go ahead and type Y and press Enter.

This process is already taken about five to ten minutes or more. It depends on the speed of your internet connection.
So just bear that in mind and be patient.

 #3 Step

After that, you’re gonna receive a prompt us gonna tell you a little bit about display managers.Just go ahead and press Enter.

 #4 Step

And then you’re going to be prompted to select the default display manager.
Go ahead and select GDM3 and press enter and this is gonna finish the installation.

 #5 Step

When the installation is finished close terminal then log out of our current session and Then at the log screen select other.

And In drop down box select KDE plasma work space and Click on the login Button.


And once you log in and will be taken to the KDE desktop environment.

So that’s it that’s how you install the KDE desktop environment in Your Kali Linux machine.

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